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SABONAMZA Self Drive4WD Trekking is a new casual concept of safari to add some flexibility to the journey in off-peak periods with the added advantage of reduced costs. Not doing any reservations enables the Trek to spontaneously change plans by mutual agreement to enjoy certain attractions longer or take more interesting routes. Obviously overnight spots will be selected to assure overnight facilities. At some destinations reservations may be compulsory. The aim is to all leave at the same time in the mornings but you can do your own thing in your own time and only meet the others at agreed points. You will be given a roadbook where the group meets for sightseeing, picnics, overnight stops or other reasons and it will be your task to get there. Obviously, whoever prefers to follow the leader instead of individual exploring, is most welcome to do that.The idea is to remain responsible towards the enviroment, at the same time avoid the dust and wasted time associated with convoys. You will have more responsibility, but at the same time more freedom. You will enjoy the team spirit without making this expedition a competition. The Trek will have common objectives and still offer the safety and support of Group travel. To add some excitement, some enviromental tasks will be allocated. These and other topics will be discussed at the fireplace to facilitate an exchange of values. The destinations will be the same as any Safari or Expedition. You will be responsible for your own transport , accommodation, meals and beverages. The participants will allways enjoy meals in a group in restaurants (if there is one) or at the communal fire in camps, where kitchen duty will be assigned in turns on a fair basis, which means you cater (excluding beverages) your menu for all on the one day, and enjoy the food at leisure the next days, depending on how many parties there are. In this way, you get to taste the secret cuisine of others. Alternatively; each party prepares their own meals.

For overseas visitors, Sabonamza gladly will arrange the car hire and equipment.

On request you can turn any Tour, Safari or Expedition into a Trek, best done during off-season and out of Shool holidays in a climate suitable to selected destination in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Swaziland and Lesotho. Best month to do Trekking will be: February, March & November in coastal regions and May, August & October in inland regions and cross-border.

Popular iteneraries are:
The same as listed under Tours, Safaris and Expeditions but should preferably be not less than a week to make it worthwhile.
For more detail, please refer to Destinations

To achieve the desired flexibility, fully equipped SUV's or 4WD's are required.

Budget Price Estimate for guided Treks are per Person per Day sharing with a maximum of five vehicles but not less than 6 persons depending on the route chosen. Transport, Accomodation, Meals and Activities are each Participants own responsibility. Depending on your choice of destination, these prices estimates may increase or decrease.

Budget estimates for planning only
3 - 4
5 - 6
7 - 8
9 - 10
Guide / Vehicle
Roadbooks, Maps
Flights & Immigration
Accommodation & Meals
Alcoholic Beverages
Optional Activities
Private insurance
Personal spend & tips
POR = price on request

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Looking to spend time in the great outdoors?

SABONAMZA Offers 4 x 4 Adventures in South Africa to remember. Find South African 4wd Driving Experiences & 4x4 Adventure Tours.

Pick from our exhilirating 4wd experiences & you will find that our South African 4x4 Trails are among the best, past guests would agree that all 4wd Trips were a load of fun. So whatever your requirments, SABONAMZA has a many 4x4 Routes to explore and a number of 4wd Trails in South Africa, Botswana, Namibia & Zambia to enjoy.

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4x4 Adventure Tours South Africa - Explore top 4 x 4 Trails in South Africa with SABONAMZA Safaris, affordable 4wd Adventure Trips in South Africa.
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